Tuesday, 21 July 2009

School holidays are iminent

There is one hour to go until the school holidays start...I feel quite excited, even though I do have to go to work a bit over the next six weeks. Its an opportunity to see friends who are not local, and also travel a little, see new things, have lots of fun!!

The end of the school year is also a little sad, there will be parents who won't be back in September as their children will have moved up to senior school. Also some of the people I chat to I probably won't see over the holidays, people I quite happily pass the time of day with but don't actually have their numbers.

I tend not to overschedule as I like to be able to do things on the spur of the moment, but seeing some blank days in my diary feels a bit scary...daft or what?! I have made a definite attempt not to subscribe to "busy busy" that some mothers do, and take my children's lead on what they feel like doing (or not doing!).

However, the weather is not looking summery at all- someone the other day said it was like November with leaves! What a great saying!

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